SVC Offroad Adjustable Bump Stop System - 2010-2014 SVT Raptor

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The A.B.S adjustable bump system is designed using the latest in modern CAD technology and is precisely cut and bent with only the best CNC lasers and benders in the business.  Made from 3/16th plate and attached with grade zinc plated 8 hardware, you can rest assured that component failure will be the last thing on your mind regardless of what terrain lies ahead.  The SVC A.B.S system can support either Fox or King 2.5" bump stops for the ultimate in suspension bottoming control, and now with our new X-treme Offroad Mode position, those holes ahead just got a wee bit smaller.


X-treme Offroad Mode:

Our new Adjustable Bump System is born from taking everything we learned from our original ABS system, and made more stream lined, more versatile and better looking than even before.  The biggest change you will notice in the the X-treme Offroad Mode is the extra 1.5" of bump travel the system allows. When you position the adjustable bump can into the X-treme Off-road Mode position, you are no longer shackled by the limits of the stock bump travel.  In order to achieve this, we moved everything up and away allowing the springs a clear path of travel. No other system available offers this kind of versatility.


The increase in bump zone travel makes a world of difference in the vehicles off-road capability.  The shocks now have the ability to work in their zone better because the bump system isn't interfering with the stroke of the shock near as much as when in the stock location. The bump is only there as a last line of defense against X-treme compression.


Whats needed to make it happen?  When you add our Bypass Rack System with either Fox or King race shocks, you can then use the X-treme Offroad Mode position, or if you were to fabricate your own thru bed shock mounting system.


Offroad Mode:

Off-road Mode is designed to optimize the perfect suspension geometry for stock shock applications, or direct replacement 3.0" shocks. When the can is set in the off-road zone, three large zinc plated 5/8th bolts attach the can to the frame support itself and will guarantee that you will have the best protection possible against possible frame damage from harsh compression hits.  The load of the bump is moved away from the frame, thus allowing the energy to transfer through the frame support, rather than the frame itself.    


Towing/Payload Mode:

Towing and payload mode allows you to load up your Raptor and use it for what a truck was ultimately intended to be, a truck.  Simply drop the can to the lowest position and allow the bump to become your overload/built-in airbag setup.  Both the Fox and King 2.5" bumps are capable of handling roughly 400psi of air pressure and perform the task of heavy lifting for mile after mile flawlessly.  By utilizing the Towing/Payload mode, you can help save the life of your springs and have the flexibility of running a lighter spring rate for off-road performance, yet still have the luxury of being able to use your truck, as a truck.


Bottom line, there is no other bump system on the market that offers as much versatility as the Gen Two Adjustable Bump System.  No matter what path or road lies ahead, the SVC Gen Two ABS system has no equal.


Note:  It's very important to retorque all bolts after each offroad session and the first 1,000 miles.


Install instructions below. Cut and past into your brower to open

  • X-treme Offroad Mode = Over 1.5" of Extra Bump Travel
  • Stock Offroad Mode
  • Tow/Payload Mode
  • Either Fox or King 2.5" Bump Stops
  • Grade 8 Zinc Plated Hardware To Reduce Rust
  • CNC Laser Cut and Bent For Precise Fit
  • Designed To Taper With Factory Frame
  • 100% Bolt On
  • Works With All Exhaust Systems


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