SVC Offroad Raptor 4WD Long Travel

  • $14,393.00

SVC Offroad's new 4wd Long Travel System for the 2010-2014 Ford Raptor and Ford F150.  The system features 18" of usable wheel travel, minimal bump steer and steering geometry that gives you incredible control over the vehicle when the bumps start to get big. You have the option of either 3.5 or 4.0 Bypass Shocks, and optional 2.0 Hydraulic bump stop and RCV IWE Deletes to ensure your 4wd continues to work time and time again.  All the components are CNC Laser cut, CNC Machined for precise fit, and manufactured right here in the USA.  


NOTE: High level of fabrication is required to install kit, and should only be installed by a certified SVC Offroad installer.


Kit Includes: 18" Of Wheel Travel Fox or King 3.5 Bypass shocks with optional 4.0 for additional cost Stainless Brake Lines Eibach or King Springs Custom SVC Upper Control Arm, Lower Control Arm and Upright Custom 300M Axles 4130 Tie Rods Grade 8 Hardware, Stainless Steel Misalignments Optional RCV IWE Deletes Available, LCA Slot Deletes and Hydraulic Bump Stop. Srings for Fox or King C/O's Note: If you choose a Fox Bypass you will receive a Fox C/O, If you you choose a King Bypass you will receive a King C/O


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