Baja Mod Coil Collar

  • $349.00

Product details

The BajaMod Coil Spacer Collar set was designed to provide an inexpensive way to level the front of the truck without using a traditional leveling kit. This spacer set works in a similar manner to the previous generation "Mid Perch" by compressing the coil to raise the height of the truck and preload the coil for a more responsive feel. Traditional leveling kits that add a spacer to the top of the shock lengthen the overall length of the shock and can cause damage by allowing the shock to be the limiting factor. The BajaMod Coil Spacer set does not change the shock length. This 1" spacer providers about 2" of lift to the front of the truck. Made in the USA.

The spacer was designed as a split ring to make installation easier. Just compress the coil using a strut compressor and insert the BajaMod Coil Spacer Collar in place, bolt together using the two supplied Socket Cap Screws and then release the coil back in place.

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