'10-14 Ford Raptor Switch Pros Keypad Mounting System

  • $44.95

SP-9100 Switch Panel Is Not Included
  • No modifications of factory panel
  • Designed for a tight fit with Switch Pros Bezel Mount Panels
  • Included Reinforcement Backing Plate System
  • Increases panel clip holding pressure
  • Clamps switch panel into dash panel making it sturdy and theft resistant.   
  • Eliminates the chance of hardware vibrating loose 
Standard Mounting Kit:
  • Mounting plate mounts to firewall underneath the PCM.
  • Retains factory hardware to mount the plate.
  • Uses Switch Pros hardware to mount to mounting plate.
  • Easy wire transfer due to location with any existing wiring.
  • Simple and clean solution for mounting the Switch-Pro.

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